Thursday, February 2, 2017

Horace Tapscott - 1979 - LIVE at I.U.C.C

Horace Tapscott 

01. Macrame
02. Future Sally’s Time
03. Noissessprahs
04. McKowsky’s First Fifth
05. Village Dance
06. L.T.T.
07. Desert Fairy Princess
08. Lift Every Voice

Horace Tapscott: piano
Jesse Sharps: soprano saxophone
Sabir Mateen: tenor saxophone
James Andrews: tenor saxophone
Michael Session: alto saxophone
Kafi Roberts: flute
Herbert Callies: alto clarinet
David Bryant: bass
Alan Hines: bass
Everett Brown, Jr.: drums
Adele Sebastian: flute
Billy Harris: soprano and tenor saxophones
Daa’oud Woods: percussions
Red Callendar: tuba
Lester Robertson: trombone
John Williams: baritone saxophone
Aubrey Hart: flute
Roberto Miranda: bass
Billy Hinton: drums
Linda Hill: piano
Desta Walker: tenor saxophone
Mike Daniels: percussions
Louis Spears: cello

Recorded February to June 1979 at the Imannuel United Church of Christ, 85th and Holmes, Los Angeles.The U.G.M.A.A (Union Of God's Musicians & Artists Ascension) Foundation was involved.

Pianist Horace Tapscott together with his Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra playing some fantastic Sun Ra influenced jazz.Reverential in tone the music was written by Tapscott to be played in church(the I.U.C.C).Almost all of the tracks are long sprawling numbers held together by a heavy driving African rhythm.No where is this more evident than on Village Dance.I do not seem to listen to this record enough for some reason but every time I do I let it play right through and always hear something new which is testament to the players.L.T.T showcases some of Tapscott's best playing on the set.All lovers of Sun Ra and Impulse! period Sanders should get hold of a copy of this forgotten gem.