Thursday, February 2, 2017

Horace Tapscott - 1979 - In New York

Horace Tapscott 
In New York

01. Akirfa 9:21
02. Lino’s Pad 10:02
03. Sketches Of Drunken Mary 9:16
04. If You Could See Me Now 10:28

Bass – Art Davis
Drums – Roy Haynes
Piano – Horace Tapscott

The Max Roach Trio featuring the Legendary Hasaan completely blew me away when I first heard it.  This Horace Tapscott performance is similar in many ways.  Horace Tapscott is as savagely underappreciated as Hasaan Ibn Ali when it comes to pianists but at least he was recorded more than JUST ONCE.   Both recordings are by a piano/bass/drums Jazz trio.  Bassist Art Davis is common to both.  A trade-off of drummer Max Roach for Roy Haynes is no loss at all.  They're both drumming gods.  Lastly, both Ali and Tapscott are pianists from a completely different cloth, that will drop your jaw.  Tapscott ventures less into the regions of Free-Jazz this time around which ends up making him sound even more like Hasaan Ibn Ali.  The first time I heard In New York it actually had me cheering on the band like I was taking in a spectator sport.

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