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George Russell - 1983 - Live In An American Time Spiral

George Russell 
Live In An American Time Spiral

01. Time Spiral 22:25
02. Ezz-thetic 16:30
03. D.C. Divertimento 10:17

Brian Leach ( Trumpet )
Doug Miller ( Sax Tenor )
Earl McIntyre ( Trombone )
George Russell ( Piano, Organ )
Jack Reilly ( Keyboards )
Jerome Harris ( Acoustic Bass Guitar )
Mark Soskin ( Keyboards )
Marty Ehrlich ( Alto Sax, Flute )
Ray Anderson ( Trombone )
Ron McClure ( Bass )
Stanton Davis ( Trumpet, Flugelhorn )
Tom Harrell ( Trumpet )
Victor Lewis ( Drums )
Ron Tooley ( Trumpet )
Bob Hanlon ( Baritone Sax )

Recorded July 30 and 31, 1982, New York
Remastered June 1, 1983 at Barigozzi Studio, Milan

Time Spiral was commissioned by the Sweedish Radio Broadcasting System in 1979

 "Live in An American Time Spiral" captures legendary composer, arranger, educator, NEA Jazz Master, and 'MacArthur Fellow' George Russell, who created the highly-praised and innovative "Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization" music theory, in a live performance by his 14 piece orchestra in NYC circa 1982. With a group of young but well-seasoned rising stars, Russell presents one of his jazz standards, along with the multi-tempo, mercurial "Time Spiral" which was commissioned by the Swedish Radio Broadcasting System and finally the intriguing, atmospheric "DC Divertimento", commissioned by the John F. Kennedy Jazz Festival. And the performances are spectacular, from all aspects of compositions, arrangements, and solos. And the `cham-peen' of the night is one of the best versions ever of Russell's jazz standard composition "Ezz-thetic", written for heavyweight champion Ezzard Charles, featuring blazing, memorable solos from ascendant 'youngsters' Marty Ehrlich on tenor sax, Tom Harrell on trumpet, Ray Anderson on trombone and Victor Lewis on drums, based on a marvelous arrangement by saxophonist/educator Jerry Coker, who 'raises the stakes' near the end with marvelous unison statements and 'trades' between soloists. The soundscape has a 'here-there' feel to it among the orchestra sections with the saxes closer to the mike and the trumpets farther away, but it's acceptable and the solos are on mike in the orchestra. The single track "Ezz-thetic" is worth the price of the CD alone, which is very reasonable. George Russell: one of the great jazz composers and band leaders. My Highest Recommendation.

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