Thursday, February 16, 2017

Frank Foster - 1976 - Here And Now

Frank Foster 
Here And Now

01. Sweet Mirage 9:21
02. Shunga 4:43
03. Been Here And Gone 8:03
04. Round Table 8:22

Bass – David Lee
Congas – Azzedin Weston
Drums – Freddy Waitts
Flute – Artie Webb
Guitar – Roland Prince
Piano – Harold Mabern
Tenor Saxophone – Frank Foster
Trumpet – Richard Williams

This obscure LP is as notable for some late-period playing by trumpeter Richard Williams as it is for the solos of tenor saxophonist Frank Foster. With flutist Artie Webb, guitarist Roland Prince, pianist Harold Mabern, bassist David Lee, drummer Freddie Waits and percussionist Azzedin Weston completing the group, the music (four forgettable originals by Foster, Billy Mitchell and Hale Smith) has some good improvising and shows the influence that funk and, to a lesser extent, fusion had on the modern mainstream jazz of the 1970s.

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