Saturday, February 18, 2017

Foghat - 1977 - Live


01. Fool For The City 5:28
02. Home In My Hand 4:56
03. I Just Want To Make Love To You 8:46
04. Road Fever 5:29
05. Honey Hush 5:38
06. Slow Ride 8:20

Bass, Vocals, Liner Notes – Craig MacGregor
Drums, Liner Notes – Roger Earl
Lead Guitar, Vocals, Liner Notes – Rod Price
Lead Vocals, Guitar – Lonesome Dave Peverett*
Liner Notes – Lonesome Dave*

Recorded With The RCA Mobile Unit, May 1977

After Peter Frampton and Kiss proved in the late 70's that you could throw a live album onto the market and not only sell it in tonnage, but establish your career with it, the floodgates were open. Not everyone fared as well as those two first waves, but one of the bands that did was Foghat. Their six song volume-splintering "Foghat Live" was what every good live album should be, energetic, powerful and adrenaline inducing.

There was no stagy sounding patter, no virtuosity overplayed musicianship, just a full-on party band at the peak of its power. Recorded as the band was becoming enormous in the states due to "Slow Ride" and the "Fool For The City" album, the band comes across like conquering heroes here. The call and response between the late Lonesome Dave Peverett and the late Rod Price on "Honey Hush" is astonishing to behold. It underscores that fact that Foghat is possibly one of the most underrated of the 70's rock bands. They could take old classics like Willie Dixon's "I Just Want to Make Love to You" and claim it as their own (and hit the top 40 with it), and at the same time, turn out an anthem like "Slow Ride," which remains a classic rock staple. As far as 70's classic rock is concerned, "Foghat Live" is essential.

Which then begs the question. Why isn't this and other Foghat albums being given the remaster treatment? And where is the double disc anthology they so richly deserve? C'mon Rhino, don't leave us in the cold here....

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