Saturday, February 18, 2017

Foghat - 1976 - Night Shift

Night Shift

01.  Drivin' Wheel
02.  Don't Run Me Down
03.  Burnin' the Midnight Oil
04.  Night Shift
05.  Hot Shot Love
06.  Take Me to the River
07.  I'll Be Standing By

*Dave Peverett  - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
*Rod Price - Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar
*Nick Jameson - Bass
*Roger Earl - Drums

Night Shift is a great Rock And Roll album. Combining Southern Rock, Blues Rock, & Boogie Rock, and playing them with a Hard Rock crunch, Foghat came up with a great signature sound. NIGHT SHIFT features some excellent songs; "Drivin' Wheel" is a great uptempo rocker, "Don't Run Me Down" shows a nice tempo change from a midtempo verse to a fast and frantic chorus, and is another great song. "Burnin' The Midnight Oil" is a great straight-ahead Hard-Edged Rock And Roll song, while "Night Shift" is a fantastic Hard Boogie song with a great sense of groove.

 "Hot Shot Love" is a good Rock song with some nice dynamics, and their cover of "Take Me To The River" is actually a bit reminiscent of their version of "I Just Wanna Make Love To You." The album closes out with a solid Blues Rock song in "I'll Be Standing By." There's not even one bad song on the album. If you don't own any Foghat relaese, this is a good one to start with, along with Fool For The City.
by Erik Rupp

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