Monday, February 27, 2017

Dave Burrell - 1969 - Echo

Dave Burrell 

01. Echo 20:21
02. Peace 22:04

Alto Saxophone – Arthur Jones
Bass – Alan Silva
Cornet – Clifford Thornton
Drums – Sunny Murray
Piano – Dave Burrell
Tenor Saxophone – Archie Shepp
Trombone – Grachan Moncur III

Recorded August 13, 1969 in Paris.

This is one of those records that makes you wish you've never rated music. On one hand it's really very chaotic as you can never actually hear the instruments separately - all you hear is the sum of their sounds so it seems that all the guys play is merely noise. But on the other hand I can't get rid of the feeling that there is just too much sound on the album (especially on the first track) - maybe if they gave each other just a little bit more space we could really appreciate their unique ways of dealing with the sound, or maybe this chaotic sound is the main idea - like Ornette's Skies of America (which is, somehow, much easier to appreciate). So I give this album four stars merely because it gives a lot to think about - probably, I will be never able to say whether I like it or not. Anyway, those people, who say that the record "makes no sense" completely miss the point - there is no "sense" in music, that's why we love it so much.



  2. I'd be hard pressed to come up with a more intense piece. I seriously doubt there is one. It's been that way since this was first released 46 years ago. Not one I listen to much, but it's certainly a jaw dropper.