Saturday, February 18, 2017

Chris Youlden - 1974 - Citychild

Chris Youlden 

01. Conjure Wife- 3:40
02. Born And Raised In The City- 4:00
03. The Morning Light- 3:25
04. Keep Your Lamp Lit- 3:24
05. Little Cog In A Big Wheel- 3:54
06. Peace Of Mind- 3:23
07. Walking The Streets Again- 2:27
08. Spare Change- 3:44
09. Love And Pain- 5:49
10.It Ain't For Real- 3:09

*John Beecham - Trombone
*Dave Caswell - Trumpet
*Michael Cotton - Trumpet
*Rosko Gee - Bass
*Derek Griffiths - Guitar
*Suzanne Lynch - Vocals
*Jack Mills - Guitar
*Nick Newell - Saxophone
*Anna Peacock - Vocals
*Terry Stannard - Drums
*Pete Wingfield - Keyboards
*Joy Yates - Vocals
*Chris Youlden - Vocals

If you like Van Morrison's 'Brown Eyed Girl' and don't mind slick but  unexceptional guitar and keyboard backing, then upbeat songs like 'Conjure Wife, 'Keep Your Lamp Lit', 'The Morning Light' and 'Born and Raised in the City' might be right up your alley.  'Walking the Streets Again' and 'Peace of Mind' remind me of Fats Domino.  All very radio friendly.

Now these could have been contenders for 'Raw Sienna'.  The scary 'Little Cog in a Big Wheel' with its almost sinister riff and the album closer 'It Ain't for Real' with its 'Boogie Nights' type riff could have been 5-star tracks but for disappointing fade-outs while 'Spare Change' could have graced any Robert Cray album and benefited from his guitar as well.  'Love and Pain' is a slow bluesy song that stays just too long and exposes the limitations in Youlden's voice during the fade-out.  

I prefer 'City Child' to 'Nowhere Road' but rue the fact that guitar slinger Kim Simmonds is not around to give it that extra oomph.  Fortunately the lyrics are as sharp as ever.

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