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Chris Youlden - 1973 - Nowhere Road

Chris Youlden 
Nowhere Road

01. Nowhere Road - 4:51
02. One October Day - 2:25
03. Chink Of Sanity - 4:01
04. Crying In The Road - 3:38
05. Mamma Don't You Talk So Loud - 3:13
06. Standing On The Corner - 3:29
07. In The Wood - 4:14
08. Wake Up Neighbour - 2:39
09. Street Sounds - 4:31
10.Time Will Tell - 2:43
11.Pick Up My Dogs - 2:40

*Chris Youlden – Vocals
*Danny Kirwan – Guitar
*Chris Spedding – Guitar
*Ray Fenwick – Guitar
*Foggy Lyttle – Acoustic Guitar
*Andy Silvester – Bass
*Roy Babbington – Bass
*Bruce Rowland – Drums
*Mike Macnaught – Piano
*Pete Wingfield – Piano
*Sue Glover – Backing Vocals
*Sunny Leslie - Backing Vocals

Chris Youlden is one of the greatest vocalists of Britain's Blues. Your time with Savoy Brown in the late sixties and early seventies produced what critics and fans consider to be one of the best British blues.

Though this album may disappoint those hoping for a hard rocking Savoy Brown kind of time, "Nowhere road" still wins you over on Youlden's unique but likable vocals and charming musical roads that are taken here. The opening title track is a perfect example of a track that musically you may find disappointing but you may get the feeling you wouldn't have liked it so much had anyone else been singing it. "One October day" is a chirpy popped up blueser which is admittedly not one of the best moments, nor is the breathy swirling "Street sounds" and "Standing in the corner" is a whimsical skipper (featuring horns) I would not call a highlight and the funk of "Wake up neighbour" (which sounds faster than another funk on the record, "Cryin' in the road" (due to it's wah wah guitar noises) is one I admittedly skip occasionally but the rest is virtually as good as gold like the aforementioned "Cryin' in the road" with an irresistible up tempo rhythm guitar riff. Speaking of guitars, Danny Kirwan is listed as one of three guitarists playing on this album but it doesn't say which song(s) he's on but there are some songs where his playing is possibly detectable such as the fast rocking "Mama don't you talk so loud" and another speedy rock song (though admittedly weaker than "Mama...") called "Time will tell" which has loud piano watering it down somewhat but this track is the closest sounding to Savoy Brown you'll get on the album but even then, it sounds like the lighter (in comparison to the latter Youlden days of SB anyways) Dave Walker era Savoys, it still does rock though. The track on which I think I can hear Kirwan's playing the most is the mellow wah wah sounding "In the wood". More soothing pieces enclosed are the engaging echoing strummer "Chink of sanity" (save for the horn featured blasts in the bridges).and "Pick up my dogs and gone" which is light flute fronted pleasant fluff. Danny didn't do many guest appearances in his career, but he sure made a wise choice getting involved in the making of this record.

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