Friday, January 27, 2017

Triumvirat - 1978 - A La Carte

A La Carte

01. Waterfall (4:58)
02. (Oh I'm) Late Again (6:48)
03. Jo Ann Walker (4:46)
04. For You (5:53)
05. I Don't Even Know Your Name (4:47)
06. A Bavarian In New York (5:38)
07. Original Soundtrack From The Movie (3:48)
08. Darlin' (3:46)
09. Good Bye (4:28)

Bonus tracks on EMI remaster (2002):
10. Waterfall [Single Edit]
11. Jo Ann Walker [Single Edit]

- Jürgen Fritz / keyboards
- Matthias Holtmann / drums
- Werner Kopal / bass
- David Hanselmann / vocals
- Richard Hurwitz / trumpet
- Bill Lamb / trumpet
- Mark Isham / trumpet
- Vinnie Fannele / trombone
- Randy Alcroft / trombone
- Marie Robinson / French horn
- Allen Robinson / French horn
- Tommy Johnson / tuba
- Bob Hardaway / tuba
- Jene Cipriano / tuba
- Jules Chaikin / contractor
- Rob Stevens, Jon Osbrink, Jerry Whitman, Stan Farber, Walt Harrah, Larry Kenton, Fred Frank, Bill Brown, Gene Moredro, Gene Merlino, Allan Davies, Diana Lee, Sally Stevens, Terry Stilwell, Gloria G. Prosper, Linda Harmon, Susie McCyne, Darice Richman, Jackie Ward, Sue Allen, Peggy Clark, Myrna Matthews, Jan Gassman, Karen Kenton / singers
- Bill Cole / contractor
- Gordon Marton / conductor violins
- Israel Baker, Michelle Grab, Ken Yerke, Robert Lipsett, Brian Leonard, Robert Dubow, Spiro Stamof, Peter Kent, Mari Tsumura, John Wittenberg, Bonnie Douglas, Linda Rose / concert master
- Sam Bogossian, Denise Buffom, Linda Lipsett, Dan Neufels / violas
- Fred Seykora, Glenn Grab, Juliana Buffom, Gloria Strassner / cellos
- Steve Edelman, Buell Neiblinger / basses

Triumvirat's A La Carte is a quite nice pop-rock effort. Though nothing like the previously heralded progressive masterpieces from the band's past, and that something that a lot of listeners held against this record, if you want tasty pop-rock for a change, (and even a progressive rock fanatic like me gets in that mood sometimes) A La Carte delivers. Though not as diversified as the following Russian Roulette album, there is cohesion here, and the songs fit together quite nicely.
The album is very well produced, and sounds simply wonderful on headphones. Previous vocalist Barry Palmer is around for a few songs here, and Juergen Fritz, the one constantly remaining member, does play some tasty keyboards. The vocals are tastefully done, as well, and always discernible.

Surprisingly, there was no hit single from A La Carte, though the album could be called radio friendly and a potential for the mainstream market. Of course, in 1978, the industry was still in the grips of punk rock, and the emerging "new wave", so progressive groups, even going mainstream like here, still had an uphill climb of it. Come to think of it, though, Triumvirat were never really much a successfully singles oriented band, like some of their more well known colleagues in prog.

When i want full blown progressive rock, of course i don't turn here, and put on Spartacus or Illusions On A Double Dimple, but when i want something easy and fairly light, but still an intriguing listening experience, i go to A La Carte.