Monday, January 2, 2017

Trilogue - 1977 - Live At The Berlin Jazz Days

Live At The Berlin Jazz Days

01. Trilogue 6:13
02. Zores Mores 8:12
03. Foreign Fun 7:31
04. Accidental Meeting 8:50
05. Ant Step On An Elephant Toe 9:35

Bass – Jaco Pastorius
Drums – Alphonse Mouzon
Trombone – Albert Mangelsdorff

Recorded live at the Berlin Jazz Days, 6 November 1976 at the Berlin Philharmonic
Jaco Pastorius Appears By Kind Permission Of Epic Records

Jaco was barely 25 years old when he turned up in this ad-hoc trio with former Weather Report sideman Alphonse Mouzon and German trombone phenomenon Albert Mangellsdorf, who is the real star of the performance. By manipulating his lips to vibrate at different speeds, trilling with his tongue and singing, he could make as many as six notes at the same time -- all without electronics. The tones he produced were strange, but they formed real chords. Mouzon played an unnecessarily huge drum kit, and occasionally lost his aim. Holding it all together was Jaco, appearing in Berlin as part of Weather Report, but agreeing to participate in this unusual group. Interestingly, you can hear many of Jaco's stock phrases in this recording, including bits of songs he would not record until Word of Mouth, six years later. Even though this band lasted only one performance, the pieces were studied and rehearsed. Jaco and Mouzon clearly know the song structures and melodies, and play well around them. The best moments come when Mangellsdorf solos over the rhythm section. He has a great soulful feel and reveals his muscularity in playing his ungainly instrument. Ant Steps gets a lot of attention for its nutty little hooks, but all the songs have something interesting to offer. This is a rare glimpse into the pre-1978 Jaco, when he was still very much an undiscovered wunderkind with an enormous bag of tricks. Above all, it took a lot of guts to take this gig, because it's so unconventional. You'll need a lot of patience, but after about five listenings, it will pay off, and you'll be humming the tunes while you walk, drive or shower.
This is a true masterpiece!

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