Friday, January 27, 2017

Trapeze - 1998 - Way Back to the Bone - Live

Way Back to the Bone - Live

01. Way Back To The Bone
02. You Are The Music (We're Just The Band)
03. Seafull
04. Your Love Is Alright
05. Medusa
06. Black Cloud
07. Keepin' Time
08. Touch My Life

Bass, Vocals – Glenn Hughes
Drums – Dave Holland
Guitar – Mel Galley

The early '70s saw some of hard rock's all-time great acts truly hit their stride -- perhaps more so than any other time in the history of rock. And one group that seemed destined for greatness during this era was Trapeze, who were a bit of a stylistic chameleon -- that could effortlessly shift from doing Black Sabbath-y metal to Stevie Wonder-like funk. But for various reasons, Trapeze never reached the stratosphere like many of their contemporaries did. However, many consider the group to have been an extraordinary live act, and the concert compilation, Live: Way Back to the Bone, certainly has its moments of sonic evidence. Containing previously unreleased material recorded live in 1972 -- and featuring only the definitive Glenn Hughes-Mel Galley-Dave Holland lineup -- Live: Way Back to the Bone features solid renditions of such Trapeze classics as the funk-rockers "You Are the Music" and the title track, as well as the slowly building headbanger, "Medusa." While probably not the definitive Trapeze live document (since it is not a complete performance), Live: Way Back to the Bone does deliver a showcase of standouts from the Hughes-Galley-Holland songbook.

One of the finest 3 piece bands ever this recording which I believe started life as a radio show from Texas I think circa the You are the music album so 1972. It's a good live recording ie :- raw 70's hard rock soulful and at times bluesy. Glenn was still to fully develop his vocal prowess but it still stands up fantastically. The performance of "Seafull" introduced as not having performed for 2 years but being done by special request is unbelievably wonderful powerful and soulful  and "Medusa" stands out as a superb hard rock #. Not a bad track here and I'm hovering between 4.5 and 5 stars , because I appreciate that some expect polished perfection from rock, this is not polished .. but has a quality that transcends that.

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