Friday, January 27, 2017

Trapeze - 1972 - You Are The Music...We're Just The Band

You Are The Music...We're Just The Band

01. Keepin' Time 3:42
02. Coast To Coast 4:02
03. What Is A Woman's Role 5:45
04. Way Back To The Bone 5:30
05. Feelin' So Much Better Now 3:40
06. Will Your Love End 5:07
07. Loser 4:45
08. You Are The Music 5:21

Glenn Hughes – bass, piano, vocals
Mel Galley – guitar
Dave Holland – drums, percussion

B. J. Cole – steel guitar on "Keepin' Time" and "Coast to Coast"
Rod Argent – electric piano on "Coast to Coast", piano on "Feelin' So Much Better Now"
Kirk Duncan – electric piano on "What Is a Woman's Role"
John Ogden – percussion on "What Is a Woman's Role"
Frank Ricotti – vibraphone on "Will Our Love End"
Jimmy Hastings – alto saxophone on "Will Our Love End"

Though they were best known for a kind of muscular funk rock, the band Trapeze always had a jazzy element, and on You Are the Music, We're Just the Band it is the softer tunes that stand out. This isn't to say that there aren't some good rockers here, since the title tune and "Keepin' Time" are energetic and enjoyable. However it is on "Coast to Coast" and "What Is a Woman's Role" that the band really shines. This is partly because both are really good songs, partly because both benefit from some inspired sax and vibes work from guests Jimmy Hastings and Frank Ricotti. Vocalist Glenn Hughes takes the lead on most tracks, and is very effective as long as he stays in his low range; on the rock tracks he uses his higher register, which tends to have a squealing or screechy tone. Those who only know Hughes from his subsequent work with Deep Purple may be surprised to hear his warm, soulful work on this disc, which was his last with Trapeze.
"You are the music we're just the band" is a ground breaking album, believe me, there was nothing like it in 1972. It predates the chilli peppers by 25 years. The first Trapeze album as a five piece had an aura of their mates "The Moody Blues" , the second album 'Medusa' [the first one as a three piece] they couldn't decide whether to be the new Free, or the next Black Sabbath. But with "you are the music" they were most definitely Trapeze, helped I think by the vastly underrated producer, Neil Slaven. One great album! I sometimes wonder what would have happened if Glen hadn't have joined Deep Purple - what would they have become. Their sound somewhat stolen a few years later by Wild Cherry and their hit 'play that funky music whiteboy'.
One of my favorite albums of all time!
Play it LOUD!!!!

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