Friday, January 27, 2017

Toad - 1972 - Tomorrow Blue

Tomorrow Blue

01. Thoughts 6:27
02. Tomorrow Blue 9:07
03. Blind Chapman's Tales 5:20
04. Vampires 5:42
05. No Need 3:37
06. Change In Time 12:28
07. Three O'Clock In The Morning 0:49

Bass, Vocals – Werner Froehlich
Drums, Congas – Cosimo Lampis
Guitar, Piano, Vocals – Vic Vergeat
Violin – H.W. Lipsky (tracks: A4, B3)

Engineer – Martin Birch

Toad's second album is just about as good as it's predecessor. Their first LP was a bit more psychedelic than Tomorrow Blue is. This album on the other hand is more progressive. The album also includes some blues rock elements. These songs are mostly impressive and the biggest standout track here is the 12 minutes long "Change in Time" which is just fantastic.

When I compare this LP to their first album I realise that it's pretty hard to choose which one I enjoy more. Both of these albums are very good. Tomorrow Blue has a pretty boring album cover. That's actually the only big flaw this album has. Musically it's just about as great as it's predecessor.

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