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The Other Half - 1968 - The Other Half

The Other Half 
The Other Half

01. Introduction
02. Feathered Fish
03. Flight of the Dragon Lady
04. Wonderful Day
05. I Need You
06. Oz Lee Eaves Drops
07. Bad Day
08. Morning Fire
09. What Can I Do for You (First Half)
10. What Can I Do for You (The Other Half)

Randy Holden - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Geoff Westen - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Larry Brown - Bass
Danny Woody - Drums
Jeff Nolan - Vocalist

The Other Half formed in Los Angeles Southern California, later moved to San Francisco.They played several shows at Chet Helms Family Dog shows at the Avalon Ballroom.

Their music was strongly influenced by Yardbirds and Rolling Stones. Guitarist Randy Holden had been offered the chance to replace Jeff Beck in the Yardbirds before joining The Other Half.

The Other Half were at their peak when the music scene was at its height in San Francisco and the Flower Power movement in full swing in Haight Ashbury, were a much better garage band than they were a psychedelic outfit, their frantic, crunchy rockers (which dominate this record) being far more memorable and impressive than their efforts at trippy, spaced out, languid psych ("Wonderful Day").

"I Need You," and "Feathered Fish" give lead guitarist Randy Holden the opportunity to stretch out in the best Jeff Beck manner (circa the Yardbirds' Roger the Engineer), and even their more primitive numbers, such as "Oz Lee Eaves Drops," are good showcases for the group.

Holden and rhythm guitarist Geoff Westen also get into some entertaining faux mandolin sounds on "Morning Fire," but when the band tries to get too serious, as on the two-part "What Can I Do for You," the results are fairly dire, which makes the last ten minutes of the original LP (which didn't even run 30 minutes) more or less dispensable.

Despite Holden's misgivings, the album has been described as "awesome incendiary rock".

Holden went on to join Blue Cheer before embarking on a solo career.

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