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The Guess Who - 1966 - It's Time

The Guess Who
It's Time

01. And She's Mine
02. As
03. You Know He Did
04. Baby Feelin
05. Clock On The Wall
06. Don't Act So Bad
07. Believe Me
08. Seven Long Years
09. One Day
10. Gonna Search
11. Guess I'll Find A Place

Bass – Jim Kale
Drums – Garry Peterson
Guitar, Vocals – Randy Bachman
Keyboards, Lead Vocals – Burton Cummings

Released June 1966

It's Time is the third studio album by the Canadian rock band the Guess Who. It's also the last to feature original lead singer Chad Allan who left after the release of the album. This album introduces Burton Cummings and Bruce Decker of The Deverons. Bruce Decker, is shown on the album cover, but did not perform on the album.

Though this Canadian LP was issued under the Guess Who name, the group still hadn't quite completed its evolution from its prior incarnation as Chad Allan & the Expressions. Indeed Allan himself was still in the band during sessions for the recording, writing one of the tracks, "Guess I'll Find a Place." But a couple British Invasion covers and guitarist Jim Kale's "Don't Act So Bad" excepted, every song was written by Randy Bachman. Even more crucially, much of the material went in a decidedly harder-rocking direction than much of what the group had previously cut, with newcomer Burton Cummings injecting a new raunchiness into the material on which he sang lead vocals. "Believe Me," which is very much in the style of Paul Revere & the Raiders' fiercest sides, is the clear standout, but the moody Manfred Mann-ish "Seven Long Years" and the surly garage rocker "Clock on the Wall" are also highlights. Other tracks go into a smoother poppier mold, like "And She's Mine," which sounds like a hybrid of the milder British Invasion groups and the harmony rock of the Beach Boys. Overall it's the effort of a band still finding their style, something you could say of innumerable releases from the era. But of the many such bands making derivative records such as this, the Guess Who were by this point one of the best such acts, both as musicians and writers. If that sounds like damning with faint praise, it's not meant to. Even if this isn't as original as the best British and American groups of the time, or indeed as Guess Who themselves would later become, it's still respectable and at times quite exciting, and certainly a good listen overall.

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