Thursday, January 12, 2017

Steve Marcus - 1969 - Count's Rock Band

Steve Marcus 
Count's Rock Band

01. Theresa's Blues 12:19
02. Scarborough Fair 2:39
03. Drum Solo 0:35
04. Ooh Baby 12:14
05. C'est Ca 0:19
06. Back Street Girl 5:46
07. Piano Solo 0:51

Accordion – Dominic Cortese
Bass, Guitar [Rhythm] – Chris Hills
Drums – Bob Moses
Guitar – Larry Coryell
Piano, Harpsichord – Mike Nock
Saxophone, Saxophone [Electric] – Steve Marcus

Producer – Herbie Mann

Theresa's Blues is a hell of a track. Larry Coryell's going completely nuts in the middle section, but Steve pulls a giant hidden ace from his sleeve by spending the last few minutes with the band running his sax through way, way too much overdrive, causing it to feedback. LOUDLY. For a considerable length of time. It's damn near Borbetomagus-y.

Ooh Baby is less amazing but still very good. The rest is a bit inconsequential and/or friendly. Still, twenty four and a half minutes of awesome on a thirty four and a half minute long album is pretty damn solid.

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