Monday, January 16, 2017

Rob - 1978 - Make It Fast, Make It Slow

Make It Fast, Make It Slow

01. Loose Up Yourself 3:25
02. Make It Fast Make It Slow 3:27
03. Not The End 3:53
04. I've Got To See You Again, Lord 3:53
05. He Shall Live In You 5:27
06. But You 3:25
07. Bargain 5:20
08. Back To You 2:45

'Make It Fast, Make It Slow' is the "other" LP by Rob, the Ghanaian cosmic funk legend whose 'Funky Rob Way' reissued by Soundway was one of our favourite records in 2011. Again, lead singer Rob is joined by the Mag-2 army band and their blazing horn section helmed by bandleader Amponsah Rockson. But this time the tempo is much slower, steamier, and with brooding, religious overtones placing it outside the conventions of West African funk records of the time. It's the stripped down, hypnotic, yet lucid vibe of the se tracks which are pushing all the right buttons. The simmering percussion, the tight, punchy horns, that woozy organ, Rob's easy-grooving croon and the restrained guitar licks never crowd each other, even dropping out to complete silence and remerging on the offbeats on the hauntingly mystical 'I've Got To See You Again, Lord', or conducted with elastic muscularity on the blushingly horny title track. Hot music for long, hot days with cool drinks and a headful of whatever.

You have to love artists like Rob posing as corny and tough at the same time on their own album covers. Make It Fast, Make It Slow from 1978 is his second LP, and he was a pretty big star in Ghana back in the days (maybe still is?). The music on the album is a groovy mix of african funk and soul, and I think it have that special Ghana-sound (if you ask the puritans) too. I'm so thankful that record labels like Soundway and Analog Africa reissued a lot of this 70s stuff and make this wonderful groovy music available for us. Shake it up and do the boogaloo, or just make it funky!

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