Friday, January 20, 2017

Leigh Stephens - 1971 - And A Cast Of Thousands

Leigh Stephens 
And A Cast Of Thousands

01. The World Famous Soul Transplant
02. Medicine Man
03. Simple Song
04. Handful Of Friends
05. Oh Lord
06. Jumping Jack Flash
07. Sweet Love Of Mine
08. Chunk Of Funk

Leigh Stephens — acoustic, lead and slide guitar, organ, vocals, producer
Pete Sears, Kim Gardner, Glenn Cornick — bass
Bob Andrews, Tony Ashton — piano
Mick Waller, Roy Dyke, Kevin Westlake — drums
Trevor Op, Paul Maintenance — acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Jeff Peach, Dick Morrissey, Dave Quincey, Dave Jackson — saxophones
Lyle Caswell, Noel Norris — trumpets
Charlene Collins, Aliki Ashman, Elizabeth Legworthy — female vocals

Bought on a whim in a sale , from the opening track it just exploded in my head. The session musicians are top quality , horns , backing vocals , guitars and all the rest are mixed together just right. A great cover of the Stones "Jumping Jack Flash" just rocks ! Medicine Man and The World Famous Soul Transplant are the top numbers here , but everything has great merit. I loved this from day one , and I'd be happy if it was readily available in CD format , it would be in my collection asap, but never having ever seen or heard of another copy I,ll keep a tight grip on my vinyl. A magic record , Leigh Stephens should be better known , I can't get enough and track down all his output where I can. Very hard to find any info on him these days.