Monday, January 16, 2017

Kelenkye Band - 1974 - Moving World

Kelenkye Band 
Moving World

01. Moving World
02. Dracula Dance
03. Brotherhood Of Man
04. No One Is Born To Suffer
05. Groovy Love
06. Jungle Music
07. Wale Tobite
08. Kelenkye

Jagger Botchway (Leader)
Leslie Addy (Vocals)
Oko Ringo (Rhtyhm)
Officer Toro (Conga)
Joe Wellington (Bass)
Steve Adjeladje (Clarinet)
Soldier (Drums)

Kelenkye Band was at the time Ghana's own supergroup. They released this only LP in 1974 called Moving World. All members has worked with the countries elite musicians before this recording session (like Oko Ringo, Officer Toro and Leslie Addy), but they have never played together earlier. The music on the album has a wide range (for Ghana bands) - afrobeat, highlife, funk, reggae and rock - but everything is played in a very distinctive Kelenkey way and sounds marvelous. This is a damned great and groovy pearl!
Reissued on vinyl, 1974's 'Moving World' is a holy grail of Ghanaian groove alchemy. The title track and 'Brotherhood Of Man' are hard, grinding funk outings, while 'Jungle Music' has a more soulful groove. There's also a bit of reggae in 'Dracula Dance' and old-skool highlife in 'Wale Tobite'. The Kelenkye Band never recorded another album. 'Moving World' was originally issued on the Emporium label.

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