Monday, January 30, 2017

Hustler - 1975 - Play Loud

Play Loud

01. Money Maker
02. You Had It Coming To You
03. Boogie Man
04. Break Of Day
05. Who D'Yer Think Yer Foolin'
06. Goin' Home
07. Strange Love
08. Little People
09. Night Creeper

Bass, Vocals – Tigger Lyons
Drums – Henry Spinetti
Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica – Micky Llewelyn
Keyboards – Kenny Daughters
Mixed By – Gary Lyons
Vocals – Steve Haynes

While Foghat and Status Quo consistently laid down heads down boogie during the high-times '70s, there were numerous groups that attempted to roll in the same vein. It's not easy relevantly reworking songs based on blooze rock power chords and shuffle patterns on a steady basis, but Foghat and S.Q. managed to deliver the goods for several years with their jean jacket racket. Others came up short, as evident by Hustler. Hustler went two albums and out, with the 1975 release of Play Loud putting a punctuation mark on the group's brief run. As expected, there is no new ground broke on the nine song LP, which comes off as standard bar band fare. Opening with "Money Maker", Play Loud features the stompin' boogie delivery of "Little People".



  2. Thanks for this & the other Hustler album. I had them both years ago & did indeed play 'em loud. Still makes me laugh that the record label says "Boggie Man" instead of "Boogie.."