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Grand Funk - 1971 - E Pluribus Funk

Grand Funk 
E Pluribus Funk 

01. Footstompin' Music 3:45
02. People, Let's Stop The War 5:13
03. Upsetter 4:09
04. I Come Tumblin' 5:42
05. Save The Land 4:12
06. No Lies 3:55
07. Loneliness 8:38

Bonus Tracks:
08. I'm Your Captain (Closer To Home)
09. Hooked On Love
10. Get It Together
11. Mark Says Alright (Live)

Bass – Mel Schacher
Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Don Brewer
Guitar, Organ, Harmonica, Vocals – Mark Farner

Tracks 8 through 11 are previously unreleased bonus tracks. 8 through 10 are a live medley.
Recorded at Cleveland Recording Company Studios in September 20 & 21, 1971.
Tracks 8 to 11 recorded live in Dayton, OH, April 27, 1971.
Track 11 recorded live in Detroit , MI, April 29, 1971.

Grand Funk Railroad took longer than usual to make their fifth album, Survival, in early 1971, but when they came to make their sixth, E Pluribus Funk, that September, they spent less than a week at the effort. The rush shows. The album, made by a band by now popular enough to sell out Shea Stadium (depicted on the back of the album, its cover designed to look like a silver coin), consisted of a series of simple rock tunes with lyrics devoted to the joys of music itself ("Footstompin' Music"), social concerns generically expressed ("People, Let's Stop the War," "Save the Land"), and claims of romantic betrayal ("Upsetter," "No Lies"). Lead singer Mark Farner wailed in his limited tenor, joined in unison by drummer Don Brewer, and the rhythm section played in plodding lockstep. Farner added guitar and organ parts that emphasized the simplicity and repetitiveness of the musical patterns. "Loneliness," the concluding track, made a failed attempt at grandeur by adding a symphony orchestra. Six albums in, Grand Funk were still primarily a live band, able to achieve intensity, but with little sense of the varying dynamics and musical textures that might make a studio album interesting to listen to beyond being a souvenir of their live show.

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