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Grand Funk - 1969 - Grand Funk

Grand Funk 
Grand Funk

01. Got This Thing On The Move 4:35
02. Please Don't Worry 4:16
03. High Falootin' Woman 2:58
04. Mr. Limousine Driver 4:25
05. In Need 7:53
06. Winter And My Soul 6:35
07. Paranoid 7:35
08. Inside Looking Out 9:29

09. Nothing Is The Same (Demo)
10. Mr. Limousine Driver (Extended Version)

Bass – Mel Schacher
Drums, Vocals – Don Brewer
Guitar, Piano, Harmonica, Vocals – Mark Farner

Producer – Terry Knight

Things moved a lot more quickly at the end of the ’60s. Rock ‘n’ roll bands played and played, hitting the studio in between their many road trips. Grand Funk Railroad were no different.
Shortly after they were signed to Capitol Records in 1969, the group performed at such events as the Atlanta Pop Festival, the Texas International Pop Festival and the Strawberry Fields Festival in Canada. They released their debut album that summer. And in between tour dates, the group rushed back into the studio to record its second album, which would hit shelves before the end of the year.
Recorded in October, and released just two months later, ‘Grand Funk’ (also known as the Red Album) would help cement the band’s reputation as one of the heaviest of the era. Drummer Don Brewer, bassist Mel Schacher and guitarist/singer Mark Farner were influenced by groups like Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, but they brought something distinctly American to the music. Rising from the grit and grime of Flint, Mich., working class to the core, the aggressive and harsh tones of their hometown couldn’t help but find a way into Grand Funk’s music.
The album kicks off in a blast of sonic fuzz with ‘Got This Thing on the Move,’ with a riff packed full of distortion as well as soul. (The song actually dates back to Farner and Brewer’s days in their pre-Grand Funk band the Pack.) They keep things moving with the funky ‘Please Don’t Worry’ and ‘High Falootin’ Woman,’ which nails a bluesy boogie groove that became familiar in their music.

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