Monday, January 16, 2017

Geraldo Pino & The Heart Beats - 1974 - Let's Have A Party

Geraldo Pino & The Heart Beats 
Let's Have A Party

01. Heavy, Heavy, Heavy 6:31
02. Let Them Talk 5:13
03. Africans Must Unite 6:15
04. Shake Hands 4:49
05. Power To The People 5:47
06. Let's Have A Party 4:52

 Born in sierra Leone Pino was a pioneer of African Funk and his track 'heavy x 3' became a classic.
Geraldo Pino was Nigerias own James Brown, no question about that. This LP from 1974 is a true classic in the funky afrobeat genre. Groovy!



  2. Damn, this caught me by surprise. It's one of those futuristic sounding albums like Can's Future Days or Shuggie Otis's Inspiration Information, and very clean-sounding. At first hard to believe it was recorded in Nigeria in 1974 but this studio was where Wings recorded Band on the Run the previous year, so it kind of makes sense. It also appears that several of the main grooves on Talking Heads' Remain in Light ("Born Under Punches", "The Great Curve" etc.) may have had their exact origins here. Thanks for this knockout album.

    1. One of the reasons I started getting into Afro Beat stuff was because of Can and some interviews I read with people from the Berlin School talking about rhythm and so on... you can certainly draw a line Lagos - Berlin - Cologne as far as I am concerned (It doesnt need to be Lagos per se...)

    2. Lagos EMI was certainly a world class studio for its recording capabilities. I'd recommend the 1971 film "Ginger Baker in Africa", which documents the recently ex-Cream drummer's trek across the desert from Algeria to Nigeria in order to help set up the Lagos studio. It also shows Baker jamming with Fela Kuti and according to Kuti basically adbicated in Africa to move to America because he felt that Geraldo Pino was the much stronger performer in their mutual part of the world. It's really a shame that Pino's recorded output was so limited, his band was genius.

  3. Great stuff!! As well as the older posts of African funk and afrobeat!
    Cheers Daniel, from Spain...