Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ezy & Isaac - 1974 - Soul Rock

Ezy & Isaac 
Soul Rock

01. Take Off !!! 5:10
02. Not All Bad - Not All Good 2:57
03. Sad To See You Go Away 4:10
04. Bawagbe 3:08
05. Don't Step On My Shoes 5:10
06. Bad Day 3:05
07. All We Need Is Love 3:00
08. Got To Move 3:05

Ezy Hart
Isaac Olashugba

This Incredible Afro Soul album was recorded in Italy in 1974 by the two Nigerians Ezy Hart and Isaac Olashugba.

Ezy is known for his vocals while Isaac for playing the saxophone. They are ex-members of Fela Kuti’s Hi – Life jazz band, The Koola Lobitos and The Don Ezekiel Combination. After doing amazing collaborations together, recording a few Christian Funk albums, and touring all over West Africa, these two finally settled in Italy were, after almost two decades, they not only toured through Italy, but also through Switzerland and Monte Carlo.

The Funky Fella, a group of 12 top Italian musicians such as Maestro Leoni from Rifi records, produced three albums with Ezy and Isaac. The first one is called “Soul Rock “ and it`s considered a soul masterpiece.

It contains the bomb track called BAWAGBE. This track is very tuff, hypnotic afro-soul-groove with Yoruba chants ruff, smacking congas, afro horns, funky breaks and a wicked percussion breakdown of rattling cowbells. It`s a very unique collectors` item for the Afro Funk lovers.

“Soul Rock“ is considered gold-dust, it`s the Holy Grail of the Afro Italian funk.

It`s a MUST HAVE in your Afro Soul collection!



  2. I didn't really have an Afro Soul collection, but you've inspired me to start one. Looking forward to the education. Thx Zen.

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