Friday, January 20, 2017

Dickie Peterson - 1997 - Child Of The Darkness

Dickie Peterson
Child Of The Darkness

01. Brainkiller 3:24
02. Spoonfull 3:51
03. Dogs Of War 2:54
04. Dragon Song 7:21
05. Who Do You Love 5:33
06. Dirty Girls 2:22
07. Back On The Streets 2:29
08. Reptile 4:58
09. Child Of The Darkness 6:18
10. Little Red Rooster 4:42

Dickie Peterson - vocals
Achim Guess - guitar
Ralph Schmitter - bass
Stefan Albrecht - drums

Gotta love this guy. He's one of the few marijuana-fueled artists from the late 1960's that still rocks like nobody's business without seeming even the least bit self-conscious, and remaining indifferent to everything but the music. (I can't even imagine Peterson getting anything but a chuckle from one of Allmusic's moronic put-downs of his main project, Blue Cheer). This solo debut isn't so far removed from Blue Cheer as to startle anyone - hell, it's almost exactly the same as Blue Cheer. Which is to say, f***in' awesome.

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