Monday, January 2, 2017

Carlos Garnett - 1976 - Cosmos Nucleus

Carlos Garnett 
Cosmos Nucleus

01. Saxy 5:19
02. Cosmos Nucleus 12:18
03. Wise Old Man 5:10
04. Mystery Of Ages 7:07
05. Kafira 7:24
06. Bed-Stuy Blues 8:12

Alto Saxophone – Al Brown, Charles Dougherty, Robert Wright
Baritone Saxophone, Ukulele – Carlos Chambers
Bass – Cecil McBee, Jr.
Bongos, Percussion – Gene Ballard
Congas, Percussion – Neil Clarke
Drums – Byron Benbow
Electric Piano – Kenny Kirkland
Guitar – Otis McCleary
Tenor Saxophone – Akum Ra Amen-Ra, Randy Gilmore, Yah Ya, Zane Massey
Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Ukulele, Vocals, Producer – Carlos Garnett
Trombone – Andrew Washington, Cliff Anderson, James Stowe
Trumpet – Abdul Malik, Angel Fernandez, Cyril Greene, Preston Holas, Quentin Lowther, Roy Campbell, Wayne Cobham
Vocals – Cheryl P. Alexander

For his fourth Muse album from 1976, Carlos leads a 25 Piece Big Band ‘Cosmos Nucleus’ making the sound on this album quite different from his other recordings. ‘Saxy’ is about as Funky as a Big Band can be. The Title cut is a 12 minute opus allowing the Band to develop the track as it flows through
different sections. ‘Wise Old man’ is a lively highly rhythmic song on which Carlos sings words of wisdom. The killer cut is ‘Mystery of Ages’ an incredible vocal cut with a mystical feel that has become an underground club anthem for thr past 20 years. Great music.



  2. Thank you! Looking forward to hearing this and the rest.