Friday, January 20, 2017

Captain Beyond - 2013 - Live In Texas October 6, 1973

Captain Beyond
Live In Texas October 6, 1973

01. Intro
02. Distant Sun
03. Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air)
04. Armworth
05. Myopic Void
06. Drifting In Space
07. Pandora's Box (It's War)
08. Thousand Days Of Yesterdays
09. Frozen Over
10. Guitar Solo
11. Mesmerization Eclipse
12. Drum Solo
13. Mesmerization Eclipse (Reprise)
14. Stone Free

Bass, Backing Vocals – Lee Dorman
Drums – Bobby Caldwell
Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals – Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt
Lead Vocals, Tambourine – Rod Evans

Recorded at University Of Texas, Arlington, TX, October 6, 1973.

Although they never achieved the level of success that their talents deserved, Captain Beyond still left one heck of a footprint on the '70s rock landscape for those willing enough to track it down.
This recording features the original line-up of Rod Evans (ex-Deep Purple) on vocals, Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt (ex-Iron Butterfly) on lead guitar, Lee Dorman (ex-Iron Butterfly) on bass, and Bobby Caldwell (ex-Johnny Winter) on drums.
From the outset I should point out that the sound quality is strictly 'bootleg' only, so much so that Rhino's guitar is barely audible during the beginning of opening track 'Distant Sun', although this fault is rectified somewhat as the track progresses.
The band play a selection of tracks from the two albums they had made up to this point - 1972s 'Captain Beyond' and 1973s 'Sufficiently Breathless' - as well as two previously unavailable tracks, 'Pandora's Box' (a slow-burning, atmospheric, spoken-word piece which eventually hurtles towards rock meltdown) and 'Stone Free' (a Jimi Hendrix cover which closes the show).
Sound limitations notwithstanding, the band are on fine form throughout, making this an essential purchase for CB diehards, although the first-time buyer would be advised to check out their three classic albums first.
There are, of course, typically 'seventies' moments to be found, such as Caldwell's thirteen minute drum solo or Rhino's (much shorter) guitar interlude.
Yes, it sounds as rough as the term 'bootleg' implies, but nevertheless, this 60-minute+ CD is a priceless snapshot of this amazing band at the peak of their powers, although as I said earlier, this CD is for the dedicated few. Become one of them. Then try this.



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