Friday, January 20, 2017

Captain Beyond - 1973 - Sufficiently Breathless

Captain Beyond  
Sufficiently Breathless

01. Sufficiently Breathless 5:15
02. Bright Blue Tango 4:11
03. Drifting In Space 3:12
04. Evil Men 4:51
05. Starglow Energy 5:04
06. Distant Sun 4:42
07. Voyages Of Past Travellers 1:46
08. Everything's A Circle 4:14

Dedicated to the memory of Berry Oakley

Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar – Rhino
Bass – Lee Dorman
Congas, Timbales, Percussion – Guille Garcia
Drums, Backing Vocals – Marty Rodriguez
Electric Piano, Piano – Reese Wynans
Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals – Rod Evans

Captain Beyond's second album must have confused the diehards. Where their self-titled debut had upheld the basic progressive heavy rock blueprint of lengthy instrumental explorations, constant tempo changes, and opaque, yet cinematic lyrics, Sufficiently Breathless downplays them for a subtler, song-oriented production. The predominant mood is snappy and businesslike; no track runs over five and a half minutes. This newfound conciseness certainly benefited such heavy-rocking efforts as "Distant Sun," even as the band stuck to their diverse guns on the moody, acoustic title track and the sleek Latin funk rock of "Bright Blue Eyes" and "Everything's a Circle." The results were intelligent and self-assured, yet the band's never-ending bad luck again intervened when vocalist Rod Evans quit in late 1973, leaving the album adrift. The band would proffer a markedly different style on their return four years later, but anyone dismissing progressive heavy rock as an oxymoron should definitely check out this album first.



  2. It's been so long since I heard this or their first LP that I don't remember them enough to know if I had a preference. I've now got both from you. Gotta grab a 6-pack and give 'em a listen! Thanks.