Friday, January 20, 2017

Blue Cheer - 2016 - Live at Anti WAA Festival 1989

Blue Cheer 
Live at Anti WAA Festival 1989

01. Intro Announcement 0:38
02. Babylon 4:2
03. Girl Next Door 4:11
04. Parchman Farm 6:45
05. Ride With Me 8:04
06. Second Time Around 6:03
07. Duck Thing 7:05
08. Out of Focus 4:29
09. Heart of the City 6:17
10. Red House 9:17
11. Voodoo Chile Intro 1:44
12. Hoochie Coochie Man (feat. Tony McPhee) 8:25
13. Summertime Blues

Dickie Peterson – bass/vocals
Paul Whaley – drums
Andrew “Duck” MacDonald – guitar

There are several things that mark this set out from the preceding live albums. Firstly, it is recorded with the guitar set slightly further back in the mix. The different mix isn’t bothersome, in fact (given the availability of all those other albums) it’s an advantage, allowing better appreciation of the way that Dickie Peterson’s sinewy bass pushes the music onwards and more impact for Paul Whaley’s heroic drumming. It is quite a small change in balance, but enough to provide a slightly different perspective on a Blue Cheer performance.

As this CD represents the fifth live Blue Cheer album to be drawn from different concert recordings during the “Duck” MacDonald era (1988-2009) it could easily be perceived as surplus to requirements. That would be a shame as it is easily one of the best.

Recorded at the final and celebratory 1989 Anti WAA festival in Germany, with Blue Cheer topping the bill, this is a fine bluesy set. Bearing in mind the nature of a Blue Cheer gig and that it took place in the open air, it is also well recorded.

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