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Blue Cheer - 1996 - Live & Unreleased, Vol. 1- 1968-1974

Blue Cheer 
Live & Unreleased, Vol. 1- 1968-1974

01. Summertime Blues
02. Out Of Focus
03. Doctor Please
04. Fighting Star
05. Adventures
06. Make It To The Party
07. New Orleans
08. Ace In The Hole
09. Punk

Bass, Vocals – Dick Peterson
Drums – Paul Whaley (tracks: 1 to 3)
Guitar – Leigh Stephens (tracks: 1 to 3), Reuben De Fuentes (tracks: 4 to 9)
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Jerry Peterson  (tracks: 4 to 9)

Tracks 1 to 3 recorded live on the Steve Allen Show, 1968. Tracks 4 to 9 recorded at Gold Star Studio, L.A., 1974.
Exclusively licensed through Blue Cheer/Richard Peterson and Paul Whaley. Special thanks to Dick Peterson, Paul Whaley, Bob Rogers, You Ishihara, High Flyin' Bird.

This is a raw monster that got released in the 90's. It's a collection of crude raw recordings of good ol' Blue Cheer live .. Sound quality leaves a bit to be desired, BUT the music is great Heavy Psych with lots of extended improvisation which makes up very well for the otherwise limited sound quality. I personally love the way Steve Allen from Steve Allen show tells his audience to "run for their lives" when Cheer play their second song.. No lamoid play back there but the stacks blasting away no holds bared.
This ragged collections of stuff is all over the place quality wise, but there are some historically significant recordings here. First off there's "Summertime Blues" and "Out Of Focus" as performed live on the Steve Allen TV show. Thundering, speaker quaking and brutal. They go a good way to capturing just how friggin' loud this band was in the flesh. An alternate (possibly) live version of "Doctor Please" is also a nice addition. The remainder sound like studio/garage demos for otherwise unremarkable songs. You gotta remember that from mid '69 til their first breakup, the Cheer took a big stylistic shift away from brutal psych into general rock/blues/whatever, and these songs bear that indistinct mark. The first bath of cuts is great, but beware the crazy import prices this set usually commands. Cheer fanatics only.

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