Friday, January 20, 2017

Blue Cheer - 1991 - Dining With The Sharks

Blue Cheer 
Dining With The Sharks

01. Big Noise 4:49
02. Outrider 6:17
03. Sweet Child Of The Reeperbahn 4:10
04. Gunfight 6:52
05. Audio Whore 3:52
06. Cut The Costs 3:40
07. Sex Soldiers 5:04
08. When Two Spirits Touch 3:50
09. Pull The Trigger 5:18
10. Foxy Lady 3:51

Dickie Peterson – bass, vocals, guitar
Paul Whaley – drums, percussion
Dieter Saller – guitars, percussion

Additional personnel
Tony McPhee – slide guitar
Dave Anderson, Mick Jones, Harry Love, Roland Hofmann – handclaps and good vibes

This one is a very basic hard rock album by this classic original heavy metal group. Their last one Highlights and Low Lives is an extremely underrated record with some amazing moments and the same thing continues with this one. Although Dining With the Sharks isn't as great album as it's predecessor is this one has it's moments here and there and it's pretty underrated too.

I mean come on! This isn't that bad even though the songs aren't very super quality and/or unique. They're mostly just good time rock and rollers delivered with Dickie Peterson's raw vocals. There are many OK and good rockers like "Audio Whore", "Big Noise", "Pull the Trigger" and "Sex Soldier" for example. Very very basic but fine hard rocking cuts. My favourite in here is "Gunfight" which is a total ballbreaker. Hendrix cover "Foxy Lady" isn't that good and "Sweet Child of the Reeperbahn" is maybe the weakest song of the album. "When Two Spirits Touch" is the most blues oriented song in here.

I said this already but I'm gonna say it one more time to make it very clear. Dining With the Sharks is a very BASIC hard rock album and doesn't remind Blue Cheer's 60's and 70's material at all. But this also works pretty fine in some parts.

The 90's style production isn't maybe the right choise for this kind of old hard rock/heavy metal band but seriously, Blue Cheer have released a lot worse albums than this one in here. Maybe not worth adding to your wishlist but worth checking out.

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