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Blue Cheer - 1990 - Highlights & Low Lives

Blue Cheer 
Highlights & Low Lives

01. Urban Soldiers
02. Hunter Of Love
03. Girl From London
04. Blue Steel Dues
05. Big Trouble In Paradise
06. Flight Of The Enola Gay
07. Hoochie Coochie Man
08. Down And Dirty
09. Blues Cadillac

Dickie Peterson - bass guitar, lead vocals
Duck MacDonald - lead guitar, backing vocals
Paul Whaley - drums

Recorded at Foel Studio, Wales in January/February 1990

Highlights and Lowlives is the eighth studio album by American rock band Blue Cheer, released in 1990 and produced by Jack Endino.

Being a child of the 60's I'm glad to see my favorite band is still alive and kicking. So it wass with great anticipation I ordered "Highlights and Lowlives" --After listening to it a few times I said to myself: " Yeap, that's my Blue Cheer alright". They're stll plugging away with that combination of Blues and Hard Rock that earned them the title of "The Fathers of Heavy Metal".

As much as I love the music I still haven't figured out why the emphasis on the military shown on this release. Urban Soldiers - good song, but why? "The Flight of the Enola Gay" -- I doubt if Peterson was even born when the Enola Gay took off on "that fateful day". All I can figure is the album came out right about the time of the 50th Anniversary of the bombing. Hell of a topic for a tribute.
But, over all, if you like your Blues with that hard rock edge, get this CD --Blue Steel Dues is the best track of the bunch. Get it even if only for that one song.

Now I don't understand why this one is so underrated. Maybe that 90's style production is the reason why so many people call this one a dull album. But for me this one is a great album. The sound is a heavy blues rock sound and I like it a lot. The highlights for me include "Hunter of Love", "Big Trouble in Paradise", "Flight of the Enola Gay" and the amazing "Blue Steel Dues". The only thing I really have to complain about is that ridiculous album cover. It just blows.

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