Monday, January 2, 2017

Alphonse Mouzon - 1981 - By All Means

Alphonse Mouzon 
By All Means

01. Do I Have To? (8:56)
02. Space Invaders (4:10)
03. The Next Time We Love (6:59)
04. The Jogger (7:58)
05. By All Means (13:29)

- Scott Edwards / bass
- Alphonse Mouzon / drums, percussion
- Paul Jackson, Jr. / guitar
- Freddie Hubbard / flugelhorn
- Jerry Hey / flugelhorn
- Lee Ritenour / guitar
- Larry Tim / oboe
- Herbie Hancock / piano
- Kim Hutchcroft / alto saxophone
- larry Williams / tenor saxophone

It was great on vinyl, but, now with the digital age it is even better. If you are an avid Jazz fan or a novice or even somewhere in between, this album is worth the purchase price. Each track delivers on foot stomping, toe-tapping music. The fiest track, Do I have to is mellow and opens the door for you. By the time you get to the title track, By all Means, you are well immersed in funk. With musicians such as the fabulous Herbie Hancock (keyboards), The Seawind Horns (Jerry Hey, Kim Hutchcroft), Freddie Hubbard & others they brought their A-game to the session. You cannot go wrong. Each person that I have told about this album enjoys it very much. If you missed it before, here is your chance to get it, hear it, and enjoy it.



  2. Thanks for this, as stated, nice release