Monday, January 2, 2017

Alphonse Mouzon - 1978 - In Search Of A Dream

Alphonse Mouzon 
In Search Of A Dream

01. Nightmare (6:07)
02. Electric Moon (4:50)
03. Shoreline (4:30)
04. The Light (3:21)
05. The Unknown Journey (4:00)
06. The Ram And The Scorpio (5:53)
07. In Search Of A Dream (4:51)
08. Playing Between The Beat (2:34)
09. Nothing But A Party (Incl. Happy Birthday) (3:58)

- Miroslav Vitous / bass
- Alphonse Mouzon / drums
- Philip Catherine / guitar
- Bob Malik / tenor saxophone

Recorded November 20-24, 1977 Zuckerfabrik Stuttgart, Germany

This is an obscure Alphonse Mouzon recording, which, along with Mind Transplant, accounts for Mouzon's best work as a solo artist. The presence of former Weather Report band mate Miroslav Vituous provides for much of the session's excitement ("The Light" being a standout). Fusion vets Philip Catherine, Stu Goldberg, and Joachim Kuhn also turn in fine performances, as does the relatively unknown Bob Malik. There is a great deal of integrity on this session, a quality that was often missing from Mouzon sessions both before and after this. Highly recommended.