Thursday, January 12, 2017

Aktion - 1975 - Groove The Funk

Groove The Funk

01. Groove The Funk
02. Sugar Daddy
03. I Don't Have To Cry
04. My Baby
05. I've Got To Hope For Tomorrow
06. Masqurade
07. I'm In Love
08. Tell Me Baby
09. Play With Me

Lemmy Faith Nwani
Essien Akpabio
Renny Pearl Nwosa
Zeaky M. George
Geoffrey Omodehbo
Frank Abayomi

Guest, Drums – Ben Alaka
Producer – Ben Okonkwo

Groove The Funk’ is an essential and influential early Afro-funk LP. The album was originally released in 1975 by the Clover Recording Organization from Aba, Nigeria. The music is top notch Afrobeat mixed with amazing funk-psych grooves, featuring lots of fuzz guitar and bad-ass keyboard playing. This album certainly is a fine exponent of the Nigerian scene! ….
'Groove The Funk’ is one of the most influential early Afro-Funk LPs from 1975. The album was released in Nigeria and carries a unique style of fuzz guitar and keyboard with ecstasy rhythms that can be experienced only from the heart of Africa. It’s afro-beat in its best form mixed with killer psych grooves…….

The mighty Aktion dropped “Groove The Funk” in 1975, laying down the foundations for the wealth of Afro-funk which followed. Driven ecstatically through the heart of the dance by the incredible rhythms of master percussionist Ben Alaka, “Groove The Funk” is alive with fuzz guitar and searing organ, laying waste to its imitators with the full force of psychedelic funk. The group, also known as The Action 13 or The Actions were founded in Warri and quickly took the country by storm with a string of incendiary live performances at college campuses and the infamous Lido Night Club, going on to release their debut LP on Clover Recording Organization, home to (Super)Wings, Akwassa, Mary Afi Usuah, Folk 77, The Apostles and Mansion. An exciting introduction to one of the most explosive African scenes of the 70s, “Groove the Funk” is fuses the finest Afrobeat with amazing funky-psych grooves. If you love your fuzz guitar and bad-ass keyboard playing, then this is the one for you. ……

Reissue of an essential and influential early Afro-funk album. Lot’s of fuzz guitar and bad-ass keyboard playing. Certainly a great look into Nigerian scene. ….