Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ya Ho Wa 13 - 1975 - The Operetta

Ya Ho Wa 13 
The Operetta

01. The Operetta 1 (22:52)
02. The Operetta 2 (14:47)
03. The Operetta 3 (13:31)
04. The Operetta 4 (6:02)
05. The Operetta 5 (10:24)
06. The Operetta 6 (4:59)

- Father Yod / Vocals
- Djin / Guitar
- Sunflower /Bass
- Octavius /Drums
- Zinuru / Sound

Spread over four sides of album this singular occurrence (recorded 1974) features some of the most crazed output from Father Yod and The Family. I was wary of this issue as I suspected the sound quality might be poor and that the barrel was being scraped. The sound quality is very good and the music definitely in the same league as their other releases. The gatefold LP comes with a pseudo-transcript of the events in the San Francisco warehouse where this was recorded early in the morning, documenting some of the spontaneous lyrics. So it is possible, although perhaps not desirable, to attempt to ‘make sense’ of it all. As the LP progresses the sound becomes increasingly liquid, pounding and intense. The sensation when listening is of becoming completely lost in the sound, utter dissolution occurs. There is always form in the chaos. However, all form is regularly lost, only to be pulled back from the edge by Father Yod mustering the might of His Sons from the Good Ship Yod. These fellows sail some dangerous high seas. The wild drumming really makes this recording stand out as it is right at the forefront. Hallmark feedback and demonic guitar solos vie with Father Yod on superb, raving, form. I would rate this somewhere between “Penetration” and “Golden Sunrise”. The demented trumpet of Golden Sunrise is deployed to devastating effect here, just where you least expect it. Occasionally, it sounds like a more ‘live’ version of “I’m gonna take you home”. And so, it only remains to be said: “It is time for a mating.” “Get it on with the tree.” (

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