Monday, December 12, 2016

White, Green and Red - 1984 - Plovdiv Folk Jazz Band

White, Green and Red 
Plovdiv Folk Jazz Band

01. Blues In 10 + 9
02. Homesickness
03. Melody For Flute
04. In The Old Town Again
05. A Spring Song And Horo
Accordion – Петър Райчев

 Alto Saxophone – Трифон Трифоно , Венко Захариев (tracks: B1)
Bass Guitar – Пешо Конов
Clarinet – Иво Папазов
Congas – Димитър Гаджонов
Drums – Радул Начков (tracks: A3, B2)
Flute – Михаил Рашев
Guitar – Огнян Видев (tracks: A3, B2)
Music By, Arranged By – Димитър Трифонов
Percussion – Красимир Георгиев
Piano – Петър Джурков (tracks: B1)
Tenor Saxophone – Николай Маринов
Trumpet – Емил Плачков, Ненчо Христов

Named of course after the Bulgarian flag's colors, perhaps in order to conceal the fact this is not communist propaganda style music.  Which it definitely isn't, being progressive ethnic-flavoured (or smelling perhaps I should say) fusion of the highest calibre.
 There is one astounding fusion-orchestral work we already knew about from the same country, it was called Septet Rousse and it was released in 1980.  It recalls Orchestra Njervudarov, my favourite representative of this style and for me one of the all-time masterpieces of progressive composition. Of course it is not as good, but well worth seeking out for a listen.

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