Monday, December 12, 2016

Septet Rousse - 1980 - Septet Rousse

Septet Rousse
Septet Rousse


01. Opus 2 (Ivan Filev)*
02. Necronomikon (Angel Rangelov)*
03. Silhouettes (Staiko Staikov)**
04. Experiment (Ivan Kourtev)**

 Peter Petrov - alto saxophone *, tenor saxophone **
 Boris Roussev - alto saxophone **,  tenor saxophone *
 Ilko Petrov - drums
 Ivan Kourtev - piano, Fender piano, synthesizers
 Plamen Harizanov - bass guitar
 Staiko Staikov - synthesizers, percussions
 Plamen Nicolov - guitar

Recorded in "BALKANTON STUDIO" - Sofia 1980
Sound direction: Deyan Timnev, Vasil Stefanov
Sound engineers: Michail Bogerianov, Momchil Momchilov
Assistants: Lyoubka Parousheva,  Nicolay Hristov,  Alexander Daskalov

Excellent jazz fusion from Bulgaria. A deep, progressive sound that sounds free at moments but grooves. A nice mix of instruments with Rhodes, guitar, synth, horns etc...very much in the European/Russian fusion style.



  2. Thanks! Some nice finding from Eastern Europe today