Sunday, December 11, 2016

Man - 1976 - Welsh Connection

Welsh Connection

01. The Ride and the View (5:01)
02. Out of Your Head (4:04)
03. Love Can Find a Way (5:13)
04. The Welsh Connection (7:18)
05. Something Is Happening (6:21)
06. Car Toon (6:01)
07. Born With a Future (7:07)

- Micky Jones / guitars, vocals
- Deke Leonard / guitars, vocals
- Phil Ryan / keyboards, vocals
- John McKenzie / bass, vocals
- Terry Williams / drums, vocals

he 1976 release entitled WELSH CONNECTION is one of MAN's best efforts! If you have never heard anything by this talented and diverse group then let me help to fill you in.
The sound is rocking, but with that smooth flow and heavy distictive bass line that was such a part of the sound of the 1970's prog rock movement. The music featured is somewhat similar to groups of that period like PFM, NEKTAR, COLLISEUM2 and even CAN. The music has a fusion flavor and traces of electronica are tossed in for good measure!

This album flows from one cut to the next effortlessly and sounds fresh and, yes even progressive today! I used to see this in cut to bins years ago and it was fairly common, but now days MAN lps may be a bit hard to locate. I am not sure how much of their stuff has been released on cd, but it's safe to say that if you buy anything by MAN, that it will be good!

Stand out cuts on WELSH CONNECTION include side one opener THE RIDE AND THE VIEW (I have heard live versions of this but none compare to the excellent studio version heard here), OUT OF YOUR HEAD (this tune sticks with you) and the title track WELSH CONNECTION. All I can say about this one is, if you can find it GET IT!

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