Sunday, December 11, 2016

Man - 1975 - Slow Motion

Slow Motion

01. Hard Way to Die (5:22)
02. Grass Hopper (5:14)
03. Rock and Roll You Out (3:53)
04. You Don't Like Us (4:34)
05. Bedtime Bone (5:55)
06. One More Chance (4:28)
07. Rainbow Eyes (6:08)
08. Day and Night (4:06)

- Micky Jones / guitar, vocals
- Deke Leonard / guitar, piano, vocals
- Ken Whaley / bass
- Terry Williams / drums, vocals

Recorded not long after the brilliant Rhino's, Man slipped a little with this one IMHO. Whilst having some pleasant moments, not all selections are up to scratch. Unusual as nearly all of the previous releases have been so consistent. Certain tracks like Bedtime Bone with it's jazz like time signatures and doomy riffs or the no- nonsence hard rocker Day and Night, are great. Others are not so good. I find Rainbow Eyes too slushy for my liking. A love song on a Man album does not work I'm afraid. Sorry!!

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