Monday, December 5, 2016

Coronarias Dans - 1970 - Breathe

Coronarias Dans 

01. Start Off
02. Stay
03. Smoke
04. The 21 Cms Song
05. Speaker
06. Breathe, Your Queen Has Gone

- Peter Friis Nielsen / bass,
- Claus Boje / drums
- Kenneth Knudsen / piano

- Claus Bohling / electric guitar

CORONARIAS DANS was one of the groups from which originated the more famous SECRET OYSTER, more specifically, keyboard player Kenneth KNUDSEN, drummer Ole STREENBERG and guitarist Claus BOHLING (from HURDY GURDY) would go on to play with SECRET OYSTER in the 70's. The band was founded in 1969 by KNUDSEN and bassist Peter FRIIS NIELSEN (around the same time they both played with the psychedelic DAY OF PHOENIX), and in the first line-up they featured Claus BOJE on drums. This formation released Breathe in 1970 which was a jazz album with loose connections to rock. Only on the next album Visitor would BOHLING's guitar style bring this group to stand out. Obviously recommended to fans of SECRET OYSTER and other similar instrumental fusion of the time.

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