Monday, December 5, 2016

Contraband - 1971 - Time And Space

Time And Space

01. Shadow On The Mountain
02. Intune
03. Interlock
04. Reverie
05. To Miles
06. The One Who Knows
07. Crimson Sunsets
08. An Aborted Eddie Harris Tune

David Pritchard: guitar
Charles Orena: tenor and soprano saxophones, flute
Pete Robinson: piano, electric piano, organ, melodica, ring modulator
Bruce Cale: bass, electric bass, violin
Brian Moffatt: drums, percussion

Of two jazz groups utilizing the name Contraband, this was the first to be smuggled onto the jazz scene. Another Contraband became active in the late '80s, based out of the Netherlands appropriately enough. By then, the first Contraband was the equivalent of an empty stash box, having released only a single album on the Epic label in 1971. Guitarist David Pritchard, whose professional career began both early and with great hoopla as a teenage guitarist in the Gary Burton Quartet, formed Contraband in Los Angeles with pianist Pete Robinson.

Coming out at a time when the concept of a fusion between jazz and rock was still somewhat fresh, Pritchard and Robinson's effort was well received by the critics, including a generous allotment of four stars from Down Beat. Other performers on the record included reed player Charles Orena, percussionist Bruce Moffat, and Bruce Cale doubling on bass and violin. The group has been confused with other examples of musical Contraband, including both heavy metal and Celtic groups. Speaking of confusion, this is not the same Dave Pritchard who played in groups with Jeff Lynne in the late '60s.



  2. Been looking for a digital copy of this for a while now. Many thanks!