Friday, November 4, 2016

Yosuke Yamashita Trio - 1969 - Concert In New Jazz

Yosuke Yamashita Trio 
Concert In New Jazz

01. Sate (Well) (Moriyama) 13:11
02. Mina's Second Theme (Yamashita) 06:44
03. Mokurin (Nakamura) 11:52
04. Gugan (Yamashita) 07:49

Yosuke Yamashita, piano
Seichi Nakamura, tenor & soprano saxophone, clarinet
Takeo Moriyama, drums

Recorded live at Sankei Hall on September 21, 1969.

This was the third LP of the Yamashita Trio, still with the original sax player Seiichi Nakamura. It was reissued as CD in 1991 with one piece more. Also some pieces were longer than on the LP.
But both are out of print.

Yosuke Yamashita is in Japan much more famous for his movie acting and his books which are bestsellers - as I was told by a japanese friend.
Sometimes he is marked as the japanese Cecil Taylor - but I think it is obvious that he has a voice all his own. However - C.T. was/is his "hero" - and there was a concert in which both played together. It seems it was filmed - something I would like to watch.

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