Saturday, November 12, 2016

Yasuo Inada and the Bemi Family - 1976 - Kankaku Shikō

Yasuo Inada and the Bemi Family
感覚思考 (Kankaku Shikō)

01. ドビッシー 「水に映る影」より オリジナルNo.I (Debussy ''Mizu ni Utsuru Kage'' Yori Original No. I) 19:47
02. ベートーベン ピアノ奏鳴曲8番ハ短調 / 作品13 「悲愴」「32の変奏曲ハ短調」より オリジナルNo.II (Beethoven Piano Sōmeikyoku 8-Ban Ha Tanchō / Sakuhin 13 ''Hisō'' ''32 no Hensōkyoku Ha Tanchō'' Yori Original No. II) 10:47
03. オリジナルNo.III (Original No. III) 6:12

Drums – 諸井章司 (Shoji Moroi)
Guitar – 福田幾二郎 (Ikujiro Fukuda), 福田幾太郎 (Ikutaro Fukuda) , 志村昭三\ (Shozo Shimura)
Keyboards – 稲田保雄 (Yasuo Inada)
Piano – Onna
Vocals – 稲田保雄 (Yasuo Inada)

This album goes to the heart of what progressive is all about.  Starting with a beautifully played solo piano piece it moves on to various intricate compositions, with funky moments, electronic scribbles, chamber music, and a slow gorgeous song at the end: "Life, is such a wonderful thing..." it is, and it's partly thanks to beautiful music like this...

For those who don't have a taste for classical music the beginnings of sides one and two will be a slow slog, since Debussy constitutes the first few minutes of the former and Beethoven's Pathetic Sonata as I used to call it the beginning of the latter.  Notice that all the keys are played by Yasuo Inada.  Particularly useful I've found is to listen just prior to going to bed for some natural sedation.

Notice as well that Tom Hayes is right on the money with his assessment that there is nothing quite like this record.  To my mind, what comes closest is the Ajatulapsi of Kotilainen which is more electronic or Cosmic Debris' While You're Asleep.  Having said that, I would take Inada and Bemi's album any day over the other, it just never ceases to interest me in its various changes.  I must have listened literally dozens of times to it already.



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  3. Is this from the cd version of Kankaku Shiko, with the bonus tracks? (Basically impossible to find)