Friday, November 4, 2016

Toncho Pilatos - 1973 - Toncho Pilatos

Toncho Pilatos 
Toncho Pilatos

01. Espera (Wait) 1:54
02. Kukulkán 3:09
03. Drunk Again (Borracho) 3:13
04. Blind Man (Hombre ciego) 4:18
05. Déjenla en paz (Let Her Be) 3:25
06. Tommy Lyz 3:47
07. La última danza (The Last Dance) 14:39
08. Dulce Monserrat (Sweet Monserrat)

Alfonso Guerrero Sánchez "Toncho" (vocals, harmonica, flute, violin, guitar, 1972-92)
Rigoberto Guerrero Sánchez "Rigo" (guitar)
Miguel Robledo "El Pastel" (bass)
Raúl Briseño "El Güero" (drums)
Alberto López "Beto" (piano, organ)

Yet another Mexican gem of progressive-psych rock.  Most of the songs are in Spanish but the guitar playing is excellent, as is the flute interludes that pepper many of the songs.  "Blind Man" and "Drunk Again" are excellent as is the longer jam "The Last Dance."
Laid back and influenced by plenty of drugs. Psychedelic rock that's rooted in the time period in some ways and a musical prediction of the future in other ways. Great song structures and a psych vibe that never gets old so peep it.

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