Saturday, November 5, 2016

Tokyo Kid Brothers - 1972 - Saiyuki - The Moon Is East The Sun Is West

Tokyo Kid Brothers 
Saiyuki - The Moon Is East The Sun Is West

01. Opening
02. Junlika
03. Speech Young Girl
04. The Moon Is East, The Sun Is West
05. Motorbike
06. Jumping Song
07. Boxing Song
08. Back To The Earth
09. Trip Of Budist
10. Instrumental
11. Song Of Mao
12. Festival
13. Red Soldier
14. Happy
15. Red Star Of China
16. Goeika
17. Finish

The Japanese theatre commune The Tokyo Kid Brothers (founded 1969) puts the Japanese after was problems to the question. Their stile has been inspirated by the "Matsuri" (Japanese farmer and fisher festivals) and by the traditional "Kabuki" theatre. In 1970 they played "Golden Bat" for two month at La Mama Theatre and for three month at the Sheridan Square Playhouse in New-York. In 1971 they played the "Story of Eight Dogs" for five weeks at the Shaffy Theatre in Amesterdam. This show titled "Sayuki" (The Moon is east, the sun is west) has already got great success in London in May of this year.

Recording made in Amsterdam, May 1972.

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