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Patrick Portella / Joseph Racaille - 1983 - Les Flots Bleus

Patrick Portella / Joseph Racaille
Les Flots Bleus

01. Patrick Portella Choral
02. Patrick Portella A Madrid
03. Patrick Portella Un De Perdu
04. Patrick Portella Hors Concours
05. Patrick Portella Igor
06. Patrick Portella Jamais Deux Sans Trois
07. Patrick Portella A Paris
08. Patrick Portella On Ne Peut Plus Compter Sur Ses Doigts
09. Patrick Portella A Bientôt
10. Patrick Portella Panne D'Essence
11. Patrick Portella Dernières Volontés
12. Patrick Portella Ali Baba Et Tous Les Voleurs
13. Patrick Portella Sous Les Ecoutilles
14. Joseph Racaille Chacun De Son Côté
15. Joseph Racaille Un
16. Joseph Racaille Deux
17. Joseph Racaille Retourne A Melbourne
18. Joseph Racaille Retourne A L'École
19. Joseph Racaille Trois
20. Joseph Racaille Quatre
21. Joseph Racaille La Douche
22. Joseph Racaille Cinq
23. Joseph Racaille Vieille Hawaï
24. Joseph Racaille Six
25. Joseph Racaille Sept
26. Joseph Racaille On Ne Peut Plus Compter Sur Ses Doigts
27. Joseph Racaille Trois Valses
28. Joseph Racaille Huit
29. Joseph Racaille Neuf
30. Joseph Racaille Préfugue Et Lude

Clarinet – Patrick Portella (tracks: A1 to A13, B13)
Piano, Voice, Music By – Joseph Racaille

Joseph Racaille was the R in ZNR, famous in progressive circles for their 1980 album "Traité De Mécanique Populaire" which of course was completely out of the sphere of anything popular and without a doubt remains very much so.  Portella (the N in ZNR?) collaborated with him on the Flots Bleus album with side one composed by P and side two by R.  The former plays clarinet, sometimes constructing ingenious chords in layers, the latter wrote the lyrics and plays the piano.  The combined sound is oddly French with its accordion-like dimensions.  In the EP 6 Petites Chansons on the other hand, we have one Norbert Aboudarham playing the accordion (as well as the Bouzouki, which, for those who don't know like myself, is a Greek mandolin-like stringed instrument).

Between the EP and 1990's Triton, I don't see anything listed in any discography of him. I wonder what he did in those intervening years, does anyone know?

Both albums were produced by the label Recommended Records which despite the similarity was a separate entity to Re Records from which the Quarterly albums were derived.  However the musicians and artists obviously were the same or at least very similar for both Record Companies.

The Flots Bleus album picks up straight where ZNR left off without a doubt, often simple clarinet or sung melodies on top of piano phrases, three-note repeating patterns.  I will admit at times it degenerates into what sounds like silly, simplistic children's songs, a failing that is all-too-sadly common in RIO and that drives me batty as a fan of the genre, especially since it serves to alienate so many people.

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