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Pantincruel - 1979 - J'Y Retourne Immediatement

J'Y Retourne Immediatement

01. J'y Retourne Immédiatement
02. Le Savon, Le Savoir Et Le Lavoir
03. Staphilosaxo
04. Le Gros Loup
05. Oeuf

Bass – Sylvain Frérot
Drums, Percussion – Bruno Delhaye
Electric Piano – Philippe Janet
Guitar, Vocals – Frédéric Frérot
Saxophone – Michel Trudelle

Originating from Caen (Calvados, Basse-Normandie, north-western France), Pantincruel started life as a left-field jazz meets anarchy-rock in the vein of Etron Fou Leloublan. Their debut LP is quality unclassifiable music in that genre. After that the band had a hiatus of a few years, with some members forming the split-off group Angulaire. A further three albums appeared later, but in a very different jazz style.

Obscure late-70's French jazz rock act.The line-up of the band was Frederic Frerot on guitars,Sylvain Frerot on bass,Bruno Delhaye on drums and percussion,Philippe Janet on electric piano and Michel Trudelle on saxes.First album ''J'Y Retourne Immediatement'' came out in 1979.

This one opens with the self-titled track,which is also the longer one,clocking at over 11 minutes.Soft jazz musicianship which gets boring along the way due to the extended isolated solos by guitars,electric piano and percussion.What was actually missing from the opening cut,that is sa  and bass solos,is present at the follower ''Le savon, le savoir et le lavoir''.The dialogues between bass and sax are decent and the track contains also plenty of vocals with a humurous edge.Vocals are also present at ''Staphilosaxo'',but the music is unfortunately closer to free jazz than jazz rock.The short ''Le gros loup'' might be the most interesting track in here,opening with theatrical vocal lines and becoming very complex along the way with strong guitar work,great drumming and lovely piano tunes after the middle.The closing ''Oeuf'' continues from where ''''Le gros loup'' stopped,very complex jazz rock with nice breaks and changing moods with the electric piano shining again.

''J'Y Retourne Immediatement'' is sounding very similar to hundreds of jazz rock albums released not only in France,but in whole Europe around the same period and thus it is not exactly a recommended work.However most of the jazz-heads of this planet will find plenty to like in this.

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