Saturday, November 12, 2016

Nozomi Aoki - 1974 - 1999 A.D

Nozomi Aoki 
1999 A.D

01. Opening
02. I The Devil
03. Destruction No. 1
04. Take That Happy Road
05. Prayer
06. Today's Love
07. Destruction No. 2
08. My Sweet Funny Space
09. Just Follow Me
10. Peace Of Mind
11. The Whole World Knows

Bass – Hideaki Takebe
Chorus – The Marion Gaines Singer's Of Detroit
Drums – Kazuyoshi Okayama
Guitar – Mitsuo Murakami
Percussion [Latin Percussion] – Naomi Kawahara
Piano – Keisuke Egusa
Speech [Dialogue] – Susan Hall & Brandon Hall
Speech [Monologue] – Ken Macdonald
Synthesizer – Nozomi Aoki

Top composer and arranger Nozomi Aoki, this album inspirited by the film of “Prophecies of Nostradamus”. percussive jazz rock with tricky SE and synthesizer



  2. Thanks so much! I have been after this ever since boxes-of-toys teased everyone with it but failed to share it (as with many, many other rare records).


  3. Download the album again, if it's not hard for you. Thank you)